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Bengals and Dan "Boom" Herron: Could it Happen?

Dan "Boom" Herron, Ohio State's feature running back in 2010, was one of the five Buckeye players, along with quarterback Terrelle Pryor, wide receiver DeVier Posey, offensive tackle Mike Adams and backup defensive end Solomon Thomas, suspended for the first few games of the 2011 season for selling memorabilia in exchange for tattoos.

Back when this news first broke, it seemed as though this was all that would happen and these five players would sit through the first few games and then play out the rest of the season and go to the NFL in 2012. However, now their head coach, Jim Tressel, has resigned and suddenly the five suspended players' futures aren't nearly as clear. There have been rumors about Pryor and the rest of the "OSU Five" entering the Supplemental Draft, which could take place in mid-July if it's not cancelled by the NFL.

If the "OSU Five," specifically Boom Herron, decides to declare for the supplemental draft, could the Bengals decide to take a chance on the running back?

In his three season at The Ohio State University, Herron has carried the ball 458 times for 2,194 yards and 29 touchdowns. His best season, though, came in 2010, when he carried the ball 216 times for 1,155 yards and 16 touchdowns and a 5.3 yards per carry average. He was also active in the receiving game during his time as a Buckeye, hauling in 36 catches for 275 yards and one touchdown.

As for his scouting report, Herron, who is about 20 pounds lighter than Cedric Benson, lacks in size but is a tough runner and doesn't have a problem picking up the yards between the tackles, which is something the Bengals are going to need for Jay Gruden's new West Coast Offense.

Mocking the Draft says that Herron's nickname is Boom for a reason, saying that "He runs with good pad level between the tackles. He's the kind of runner who works hard to get extra yards." Here are their notes on Herron:

• Has good acceleration to work between the tackles, but not the next gear to break open big plays up the middle.

• Herron has a strong frame to take a hit and have tacklers bounce off his frame.

• Runs with a good amount of power in his base and does a nice job keeping his legs moving through the hole.

• Has been used very much in the passing game at Ohio State. Has shown on dump offs and short screens that his hands are decent.

• Doesn't elude trouble as well as you'd like, which makes you question his running vision to a degree.

• Came up big in Ohio State's biggest games in 2010, rushing for 456 yards and four touchdowns against Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan.

Even though he lacks in ideal size, if the Bengals feel that they may not be able to re-sign Benson, they may attempt to sign Herron if he applies for the Supplemental Draft. Even if they do sign Benson for another year or two, what would be the harm in having another back on the roster with Benson and Bernard Scott?

Herron's style of running could fit in well with the Bengals new offense, which requires a running back with the ability to run the ball between the tackles. However, Herron's size could be an issue, especially when the Bengals face the tough defenses of the AFC North twice a year.

What do you think?