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Real Football Talk With Podcast June 5

We just finished recording our first podcast via and, in case you weren't able to tune in, it went really well. The nice thing about our new podcast is we're able to take calls from our listeners. We had one caller, but, unfortunately, we had a problem with the call being dropped every once in a while. 

Sorry about that. I'll have that fixed by next week.

However, I was joined by contributing writers Paul Cannon, Joe Goodberry and David Wellman (BearRun). We talked about some possible veteran quarterbacks that the Bengals may be interested in and if they should sign a quarterback to start in place of Andy Dalton or if they should let Dalton start and sign a backup. We talked about Chad Ochocinco's future in Cincinnati for a while and we also went through the first eight games on the Bengals' 2011 regular season schedule and picked who we thought would win each game. Dave, Joe and I have them going 3-5 through the first half of the season and Paul, Cincy Jungle's optimist, has them going 4-4 (or maybe even 5-3).

Anyway, just in cast you missed it, here's our podcast from Sunday June 5.


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