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Bengals Banter: While You Were Away

BREAKING NEWS: THE NFL IS STILL UNDER A LOCKOUT.....oh wait that's not breaking news, nevermind. Well for those of you who may have forgotten that the NFL was still under a lockout there's your reminder. Wait there's more breaking news! Mike Brown was abducted by extraterrestrial life forms thus leaving the ownership of the Bengals up in flux. Now Carson Palmer decides he wants to stay in Cincinnati since his archenemy is no longer here. Chad Ochocinco has also decided to change his name to Chad Funf und Achtzig ( That is German for 85 for those of you wondering what the hell that said). And finally the hot dog vendors at Paul Brown decided to sell only veggie dogs.

Okay so none of that actually happened minus the whole NFL still being in a lockout. Seriously this whole lockout thing is getting old. I say play a match of Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors to end the lockout. Yes there is such a thing as Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors. Go Google it, I promise it exists.

 While you all recover from your latest weekend extravaganzas and prepare to return to the daily grind of the work week here's a list of postings that you may have overlooked or missed from the weekend: