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Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco to Film Cameo Appearance on Spike TV's Blue Mountain State

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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been busy. Instead of, you know, working out with the team that he is under contract with (which would be smart because he would be working with a new quarterback), he's decided to take up bull riding and he's talked about snake wrangling.

Somehow, Ochocinco has managed to fit something new into his busy schedule that is already jam packed with non-football activities. Right now he's in Montreal getting ready to film a cameo appearance on the season three premier of Blue Mountain State, Spike TV's college football comedy.

The episode is set to air in September. Ochocinco will be playing himself as a former captain of the Blue Mountain State football team, who is helping the team initiate the new team captain.

In the episode entitled "The Captain," the BMS football team is holding a ceremony to induct a new team captain, Alex Maran (Darin Brooks), the former back-up quarterback who was just promoted to first-string. All of the former captains return to campus to partake in the "passing of the torch" tradition as disgraced captain Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson) bestows the privilege to Alex in a ceremony only fit for the captain of Blue Mountain State.

Congratulations to Chad Ochocinco on his TV appearance. He must have been so good in last year's premier of The League on FX that football comedy shows on every network want a piece of him. Maybe when he gets the boot from Cincinnati before the 2011 season he can do it for a living. Personally, I'm sick of watching Ochocinco do everything other than workout with his team. As of now, I'm officially washing my hands of the Bengals all-time leading receiver and praying that the Bengals move on so I don't have to watch him run the wrong routes and short arm passes in traffic anymore.

But maybe that's just me.