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PFF: Bengals Were One Of The Better Pass Blocking Teams In 2010

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According to Pro Football Focus, of the Bengals 660 passing snaps, 35.15% resulted with the quarterback being under pressure (defined as sacks, hits and hurries), which ranks 14th-best in the NFL. That includes Carson Palmer, who Pro Football Focus says only posted two quarterback-invited pressures (think holding onto the ball too long) for a quarterback pressure percentage of 0.88%.

If you combined the passing snaps of all Bengals linemen -- actually I'm going to do that for you, and by that I mean Pro Football Focus totally did it for you -- the cumulative pass protection snap totals at 3,320. Bengals quarterbacks were only pressured 145 times translating to a 4.37% pressure rate; fifth in the NFL. This hugely reflects on Andrew Whitworth, who is the league's second top pass blocker at offensive tackle according to PFF's grades behind Jake Long. This also reflects on Bobbie Williams, who posted the top pass blocking score at guard.

Of the tight ends, wide receivers and running backs that block during pass protection, the Bengals also rank fifth with 322 pass protection snaps among the skills players and only allowing 16 quarterback pressures.

What seems unclear is how the Bengals rank 14th in overall pressures per pass, while the offensive line and skills players ranked fifth best and Carson Palmer invited, at most, two pressures for holding onto the ball too long.

Either way, doesn't it seem like this was the complete opposite narrative that was told in 2010?