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A Chat With Bengals Cornerback Brandon Ghee

With Jonathan Joseph's future with the Bengals unknown, there should be a camp battle between Adam Jones, Morgan Trent, Brandon Ghee and Korey Lindsey for considerable playing time. I caught up with one of the guys who look to be poised to make an impact on the 2011 Bengals defense. After being selected in the 3rd round in the 2010 NFL Draft, Brandon Ghee battled veteran players and his own injuries for playing time. Ghee contributed on special teams and saw just a handful of snaps on defense. With a decent percentage of snaps up for grabs in the defensive backfield, Ghee is looking for his opportunity to show the team what he can do in year two.

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Joe Goodberry: Where are you training this offseason?

Brandon Ghee: I've been training here in Cincinnati with PJ Striet and in Miami with Pete Bommorito.

JG: What have you been working on?

BG: I've been working on everything this off-season from strength and conditioning to technique as a CB.

JG: Was there anything the Bengals wanted you to work on specifically? Did they ask you to add or lose weight?

BG: The Bengals wanted me to work on technique and knowledge of the game. My weight was fine but I do weigh 10 lbs more than I did during the season.

JG: How are you feeling after battling injuries throughout the 2010 season?

BG: Injuries were difficult to over come; your rookie year is the longest year, but now I'm 100% healthy.

JG: With the added weight, could the rumors of you playing safety be true?

BG: I would say the rumors are not true about me moving to safety.

JG: With injuries to Adam Jones and Morgan Trent (although they should be ready for training camp), do you feel like you have a better opportunity to make an impact in 2011?

BG: Yes, I do think I have a opportunity to impact the team this year because I'm a lot better player than I was last year.

JG: They say the biggest improvement of a player comes between year one and two.

BG: I agree, your rookie year can be a rough transition from college to the NFL depending on your college system. Your biggest improvement will be in your 2nd year.

JG: What is the feeling among the DB's about Jonathan Joseph's situation? Do you think he will be back or are you looking forward to the chance of stepping up if he goes elsewhere?

BG: Us as DB's have to prepare the same with or without J.Joe. He's a really good CB.

JG: You actually faced Bengals 2011 draft pick, Ryan Whalen in 2009. He had a monster game against your defense. What impressed you about him?

BG: He's a good WR. Hard worker and runs good routes. I think he'll be an asset to the team.

Thanks for your time Brandon. On behalf of Bengals fans, we look forward to seeing you on the field soon and good luck.