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Bengal Banter: Here's A Recap

Good morning everyone. Time to rise and shine while getting ready for yet another day in the office or whatever it is you do with your time. Make yourself some coffee and a bowl of Cheerios, that's what I'm having anyways.

I've got some news for you. Chad Ochocinco has decided to run for president. He's decided that since he has almost conquered the football field that he will give being president a shot. He has suddenly retired so he can focus on his campaign, as well as his new television show "So You Think You're Better Than Ocho." He has contacted former teammate and sidekick Terrell Owens to be his running mate during his campaign. They decided to go with the following slogan: "Ocho and T.O. a.k.a. Batman and Robin: Ready To Conquer Anything In Our Path, Except For Football, We Never Fully Figured That One Out." Wow, I almost wasn't able to write that with a straight face. As ridiculous as that sounds I wouldn't put it pass Ochocinco to attempt that, but I promise that isn't happening as far as I'm aware.

Alright well while you all prepare to sit in traffic while trying to make it to work on time before your boss realizes, here is a list of postings that you may have missed or overlooked from Monday: