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Reedy: The Bengals Offense and Defense Will Work Out Together Wednesday

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According to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, the Bengals defense, which worked out in Mason at Ignition, and the offense which has been working out at the University of Cincinnati, will work out together on Wednesday at UC.

The practice, if it's anything like what the defensive players did on Tuesday (which was open to the media), will be similar to a typical OTA.

For the most part, the one-hour session that was open to the media on Tuesday had the framework of a normal OTA practice, except for the lack of helmets, shells and speed. Players were going at things with a quick pace but not the full speed that would be done if this was going on under normal settings at Paul Brown Stadium.

Peko, hopefully like most of the other Bengals players, is excited about the team's workout and said that lifting weights can't substitute for on-field work.

"It is good seeing everyone and just getting to build that chemistry and get things going," Peko said. "I'm tired of working out and just lifting weights. You can't replace on the field work with just listing."

This will be a first for many of the young rookies recently drafted by the Bengals. Quarterback Andy Dalton will be able to be on the field with an NFL defense for the first time in his hopefully successful career. Depending on what drills are ran, guys like Ryan Whalen and Korey Lindsey could face off against each other and Clint Boling could be in the three point stance opposite of guys like Peko and Atkins. If A.J. Green is able to be in town by then, he go one-on-one against Leon Hall in drills.

Tomorrow could, and should, be very interesting.