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Bengal Banter: Early Bird Special

Do you want to hear something that has never happened before and is, wait for it...... LEGENDARY!?!?!! Carson Palmer has been traded to the German Beerheads of the European football league. In return the Bengals will receive discounted beer for the next 319 years and are also going to learn how to swear in German. Mike Brown is now basking in the sun in Cancun sipping on a margarita as he takes in what he considers a victory. Palmer is now determined to lead the Beerheads to the Lager Cup. Europe had to improvise and go with a cup instead of a trophy. True story. I swear (cough cough).

Okay once again, that didn't happen. If it did I think Bengals fans would riot and ask for the immediate removal of Mike Brown as the owner of the Bengals. I know I would. I would at least want some kasebrot in the deal. No kasebrot, no deal. That simple.

 Alright now it's time to get you caught up with the posts that you may have missed or overlooked from Tuesday. Here's the early bird special: