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Passed Proposals Could Allow Concealed Guns Into Sporting Events

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Separate proposals that's passed in Ohio's State Senate and House would change conceal-carry rules, allowing Ohioans to carry concealed guns into bars and even sports venues, provided they're not drinking alcohol. According to CincyJungle, this ranks up there on the "this probably won't end well" chapter of bad ideas.

The Associated Press writes:

But that doesn't mean fans at Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Browns games will be toting handguns anytime soon. Representatives of the state's largest stadiums and arenas say they plan to continue banning guns for safety reasons. They're allowed to do so under state law.

Not that we're a moral compass on how to simmer shouting matches or debates, but allowing weapons into a sports stadium wouldn't be unlike giving Billy The Kid unlimited ammunition as a promotion effort to advertise, "we give you really bad ideas." And this doesn't really include our opinion about sporting arenas. The "bad idea" slap in the face began at allowing concealed weapons into bars.

Let's just say this is signed by the governor and you're a bartender who knows someone is concealing. What are you going to do, deny someone with a loaded weapon alcohol because that's the law? The next chapter of bad ideas -- mating with a black bear after punching it in the nose with a two by four. We're all for gun rights. Sporting guns at a place with unlimited alcohol? The risk of Will Smith showing up in a cowboy outfit is just too great to risk to allow.

The Enquirer's Kelly Knapke writes:

Anyway, at least Bengals reps have already come out and said that no matter what, the only guns you’ll be able to bring into their stadium are the ones above your elbows.

Thank goodness. I’m afraid Bengals-Steelers games would’ve gotten even uglier.

Can you imagine?