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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Satisfied With Player Workouts

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Domata Peko and Andrew Whitworth spearheaded the effort; a players-organized and conducted Offseason Training Activity this week during the lockout which prevents coaches from interacting with players about anything football related. Aside from the fact that we think it's absolutely mind-boggling that owners would prevent their own coaches from interacting with their own players on such things like teaching the playbook as a measure to force players to capitulate to the owners demands, most players are getting by on their own.

That doesn't mean coaches aren't paying attention to what their players are doing. Marvin Lewis for one is happy that the players took it upon themselves to conduct their own OTA.

“It’s good. I think they have done a fine job wherever they have been. Our guys have been consistent workers, that part I knew they would do their part in and having a good time. The camaraderie about them and being around each other again is good. The veterans have gotten the rookies going and that’s a good thing.

“We miss our players and hopefully this whole thing will be put to rest and we’ll be back pretty quickly.”

The players worked out as a team on Wednesday at the University of Cincinnati.