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Joe Reedy: Andre Smith Has Slimmed Down "Definitely Not Over 350"

According to a report earlier this week, Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith didn't attend Andrew Whitworth's offensive linemen workout in Louisiana. Not that it's a big deal because Smith is still recovering from a fractured foot that he suffered during practice on November 10.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Smith is still in a boot but "hopes its off by the end of the week." That's not even the most encouraging thing. The most encouraging note comes from Reedy's observation of Smith's weight saying that he's "also slimmed down. Definitely not over 350."

From our perspective, Smith could easily be the frontrunner as the team's starting right tackle. However, we've long held the belief that Anthony Collins should start until Smith is able to at least beat him out. There was a belief that Smith could move to offensive guard; that was quickly debunked by Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander saying that there was a bigger need at tackle. A few months later, the Bengals drafted guard Clint Boling.