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If Jordan Palmer Doesn't Win Starting Job, He'll Become The Next Jon Kitna

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In mid-April, backup quarterback Jordan Palmer decided to hook up with fellow quarterback Dan LeFevour and the Bengals wide receivers for a workout in Southern California. Jordan organized another workout a month later that included rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and rookie wide receiver A.J. Green. And after Dalton was drafted, Jordan said that he only wants an opportunity to start for the Bengals.

"I’m going to prepare like I’m the starter until somebody tells me I’m not," Jordan Palmer said. "If you’re the backup and the starter gets hurt or is traded or retires, you’re next in line. That’s the natural progression."

"A lot could change with my situation next week," Jordan Palmer said.

Jordan reiterated his desire to start, a fire that's increasingly impressive to be honest, but said something that will really stick.

“I definitely want to be the guy, I’m preparing to be the guy. I’ve also told him (Dalton) that if he’s the guy it’s not because I’ve helped him out too much. It’s going to be because he’s more ready and better,” Palmer said. “When Carson came here he had Jon Kitna here to help him be a pro. I’m going to help him be a pro. I’d love to help him get there as fast as he can.”

We're not sure that Jordan can be the new Kitna for a young developing quarterback. But Jordan continues to impress me with his determination to become the starter and if he's unsuccessful, then help Dalton grow as one.

We figured Palmer would always hold a leadership role with the Cincinnati Bengals. Never would we have guessed it would be Jordan, not Carson.