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Jordan Palmer: Carson Is A Former Teammate

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While quarterback Jordan Palmer is testing the waters of leadership, ranging from becoming the team's starting quarterback to mentoring the team's future starting quarterback, he was asked about his big brother who is slightly more known but hardly more popular (in Cincinnati).

“The route I’m taking is I’m focused on the Bengals and myself. I’m getting myself prepared to be the guy and if I’m not I want to get this team as prepared as they can be. I’m separating myself from what Carson is doing. He’s my brother but he’s a former teammate going a different route and I’m focusing in what is front of me.”

Good answer. Diplomatic. Doesn't involve himself in his brother's affairs and says the right things to Bengals fans. Not that we expected him to submarine his brother or his own chances to start this season. Start? Sure. Why not. Most fans won't give Jordan a fair shake, instantly commanding their computer that displays crazy words from a crazy writer that Jordan starting for the Bengals is not happening.

For those of you that remain, think of it this way. Jordan has shown exceptional leadership and a slight advantage over Andy Dalton in terms of experience in the NFL (albeit really limited). Saying that Jordan will start is overzealous; how in the world can anyone predict such things before free agency, before the rookies are signed, before the practice squad is filled in, before final cuts and before undrafted free agents are signed. But if he does start the 2011 season, it'll come less and less as a surprise.

And did you notice. We didn't even say his name once.