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Bengals Offense Since The 2000 Season

According to a recent Data Points posting on, the best offense in the NFL dating back to the 2000 season is the 2000 St. Louis Rams, nearly averaging 450 yards of total offense per game. Of the top 11 offenses, most hovered around that 400-yard average mark. But really. Do you care about the 2000 St. Louis Ram, or the 2004 Kansas City Chiefs, the 2009 New Orleans Saints or the 2007 New England Patriots?

The best Bengals offense dating back to 2000 came during their epic 11-5 season in 2005 when Carson Palmer peaked, Chad Ochocinco benefited and Rudi Johnson mopped up the rest with one of his three 12-touchdown seasons. The Bengals averaged 358.1 yards/game that year; the best offense since 2000.

The Bengals offense dating back to 2000.