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Dhani Jones: Jordan Palmer Is Not The Answer At Quarterback

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It's probably because he's not signed to a contract that he's more than willing to show bluntness in his responses. And why not? We complain that coaches and players have turned into Gattaca-like personalities in front of the cameras. Afraid their honesty will bone them without the offering of expensive wine, players tend to keep their opinions to themselves if they're aware it could generate friction in the lockerroom. Not that criticizing a career third-to-backup string quarterback constitutes as friction. Regardless, honesty from players and coaches is refreshing. But it burns them because a bored media during the NFL lockout will shrill any quote out of context for the benefit of their declining readership. I think I just went on a rant. Moving on.

Earlier this month while discussing the issue with Carson Palmer, Dhani Jones commented during NFL Network's Total Access that "I'm not sure Jordan Palmer is the answer" when asked about alternatives. True enough. It's not like Jordan's 15 career regular season passes in the NFL offers much in the way of a sample that saturates with confidence. And most of those 15 passes happened during the back-end of a blowout during the course of the past three seasons.

So we can understand the hesitation.

Then on Thursday, Jones ditched the hesitation part in his answer, offering up his opinion during Rich Eisen's PodCast.

"Jordan Palmer's not the answer -- absolutely not," Jones said. Asked how he would feel if Carson's little brother does end up starting the season, the 2010 defensive captain replied, "I would question the decision, absolutely."

Note: We have our own issue with Rich Eisen calling it a PodCast. The heart of a Podcast is based on cheap tools on the internet to provide a show from your own home. Not a multi-million production with the backing of a billion dollar industry. Call it the Rich Eisen Show. Perhaps that's just me tiring of some media calling their sites and shows something they're not. Such as a blog that's really a news repository for other links. That being said, it's a good show actually.

Again. We tend to agree. Jordan's show of leadership will help his case to win the starting job. All he's ever said is that he wants a chance and I'm sure the coaching staff will give it to him in the beginning. But it's a steep uphill battle. Andy Dalton will be the Bengals future starting quarterback and it all depends on how quickly he adapts to the NFL and the team's playbook. Additionally, there's still the belief that the Bengals will sign a veteran free agent quarterback as a bridge until Dalton is ready.

Regardless, I don't have a problem with what Jones said, because I believe he comes from the position of "truth" as we all see it. It's just surprising that he's more open than usual about personnel and the team in general. Again, perhaps it's because he's not under contract and doesn't expect to return with Rey Maualuga's move inside.