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Friends Making A Push To Get Former Bengals Defensive Lineman Coy Bacon Into The Hall Of Fame

Much like Dave Kubicki making a push to get Ken Anderson into the Hall of Fame through the Hall of Fame senior committee, friends of Coy Bacon are making their push to get the defensive lineman Coy Bacon into the Hall of Fame. Bacon, who died December 2008, was perhaps one of the best pass rushers this franchise has ever seen. At the time of his death, former Bengals offensive lineman and current radio analyst Dave Lapham said of him:

"He was the best pass rusher I ever saw. He always gained ground... never wasted any steps. He could make you miss," Lapham, a former offensive lineman, told the Cincinnati Enquirer some years ago. "He had a very nimble body for a guy his size."

The Bengals traded wide receiver Charlie Joiner to the San Diego Chargers for Bacon in 1976. Obviously Joiner would go on to have a Hall of Fame career with the San Diego Chargers and Bacon would spend two years with the Bengals, earning a Pro Bowl during each season and his third First-Team All-Pro selection in 1976.

The NFL began keeping track of how many quarterback sacks defensive players recorded since 1982, one year after Bacon's retirement. However, teams kept most of their own records like quarterback sacks, tackles (which isn't an official NFL stat) among other statistics. One such statistic is Bacon's franchise-record 22.0 quarterbacks sacks in 1976; which was at one point recorded as 26 sacks. According to some, Bacon posted 130 quarterback sacks during his 14-year career. That would put him 10th in NFL history.

Bacon would eventually request a trade out of Cincinnati after the 1977 season. Packaged with defensive back Lemar Parrish, the Bengals traded both to the Washington Redskins for a first round pick.