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Now It's Even More Important That the Bengals Re-Sign Johnathan Joseph

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Before Adam Don't-Call-Me-Pacman Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest early Sunday morning, there were some people who believed that the most important person the Bengals could re-sign once the lockout is lifted was Cedric Benson.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, who joined us on our weekly podcast last Thursday, said that he believed that Benson was one the most important free agent because the Bengals defense has Leon Hall and Adam Jones and he wasn't sure if the team could afford to pay both Joseph and Hall what they may ask for.

"If they let Johnathan Joseph walk," Reedy said during our podcast on Thursday, "I think from what I've seen from Adam Jones, how he's rehabbed this year, and everything. Having Leon Hall and Adam Jones as your cornerbacks isn't the worst thing in the world. I still think they'd be pretty decent, and you have young guys like Brandon Ghee and Morgan Trent, and you got to see what you can get out of them, if they play the nickel corner, or whatever. You got Jonathan Wade and Fred Bennett, so there certainly are a lot of options at corner if you do lose Joseph."

Today, Reedy, and others who shared his opinion about the Bengals and their priorities once the lockout is lifted, may feel While Josh cautions us to not assume the worst before hearing all the details, citing the bogus charges against Cedric Benson last year, it would be smart for the team to start working on their pitch to get Joseph back into a Bengals uniform on the basis that Jones may not be on the team anymore. 

If Jones' arrest and charges stick, and it's likely that they will considering his past, Jones stands a pretty good chance of not only being dismissed from the Bengals team, but being dismissed from the NFL. If that happens, the Bengals defense would be staring directly into a season with only Hall signed, and he's just signed for one season. If they don't re-sign Joseph now, the Bengals could find themselves playing football in 2012 with neither Joseph nor Hall and two cornerbacks with next to zero experience taking all the snaps.

It is more important than ever now for the Bengals to re-sign Joseph. They probably won't be able to rely on the Hall-Jones duo to ease the team away from the Joseph-Hall team. 

What Jones did on Sunday may have been overblown by the media and we may not know the true story. However, because of Jones' rocky past, he doesn't really get the benefit of the doubt. I'm assuming that he's guilty. The Bengals would be smart to do the same, even if Jones is still arguing his case once the lockout ends, and re-sign Joseph so they won't get burnt, by letting Joseph go, and on the field.