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Paul Brown Stadium To Receive Upgrade Instant Replay System

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Have you ever watched a game at Paul Brown Stadium and thought to yourself, "boy, I wish the scoreboard was that premium high definition quality that I find on my cable TV." Well, you're about to get your wish. According to the Biz Journal, the Cincinnati Bengals are likely upgrading their instant replay options at the stadium with the K2 Dyno replay system, giving fans high definition "on the fly" highlights on the scoreboard.

According to Dan Monk, Hamilton County Commissioners will vote this week whether to approve a $307,000 contract with Industrial Video Corp.

The upgrade will enable PBS scoreboard operators to better handle high-definition feeds that are now the norm for broadcast television but weren't part of the original equipment when the stadium opened in 2000.

"We limped along and patched things as best we could," said Joe Feldkamp, director of stadia and parking operations for Hamilton County. "Much of what we've got is so old ... the software's not supported any more."

The question if anyone will actually be there to see it is another matter entirely. According to the article, the County Commission agenda indicates that "the county will purchase the editing suite software and extended warranties for the product." Smart.