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Bengals Adam Jones Could Face A Year In Jail For Violating 2007 Probation

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Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was arrested this weekend for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Even though Jones denies any wrong-doing, because he "don't drunk", it's very possible that he could face discipline with the league office, even before the legal process plays itself out.

However, that might be the biggest problem on his plate. According to Ken Ritter of the Associated Press, Clark County District Attorney David Roger is reportedly reviewing Jones' arrest on Sunday to see if he violated a "probation stay-out-of-trouble order."

"One of the conditions of his probation was that he stay out of trouble," Roger told The Associated Press.

Roger was quick to point out that he's yet to review the reports.

Roger said it could be several weeks before he receives and reviews the Cincinnati police reports on Jones' arrest and decides whether to take the case to a Clark County District Court judge.

"We're in a holding pattern until then," he said.

This obviously puts the Bengals in a predicament. If Jones' case is hanging in the air and results in Roger going after Jones for violating his probation, then the Bengals could be without Jones no matter what.

This only accelerates the need to get Johnathan Joseph back in a Bengals uniform this year.

I'm just glad I got the currect picture of Jones up this time.