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Did Adam Jones Have A Second Procedure On His Neck?

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It didn't even occur to us during a recent interview when Bengals cornerback Adam Jones said he "just had" surgery to repair the neck he injured last season could actually have referenced a second procedure. At about this point, it was believed by yours faithfully and truly that all of this was just a matter of his rehabilitation during his previous procedure back in October. (actually about this time I was wondering if I broke my nose during a [facepalm])

Then while driving on the more-dangerous-than-Death-Race I-75 this afternoon, I thought to myself, "wasn't Jones already out of his neck brace?"

And this was long after we read Geoff Hobson's posting earlier this morning where he wrote:

opening up speculation about his medical availability for this season. Jones was wearing a neck brace and told the station he'd been in it for four weeks.

Again. It just didn't occur to us until this PFT posting that referenced Hobson's article, directly pointing out a possible second surgery. To answer our own first question, yes, Jones was already out of his neck brace when working out with players in April. It's entirely possible that he's using the brace just to set a trend in fashion. But we look at his mugshot and seriously doubt the comfort level of a neck brace.

"This ain't one goddamn bit comfortable."

And there's the most obvious bit of evidence that Jones said "just had" surgery on it. So obviously, by our count, Jones has had two procedures and now we're left with echoing Hobson's point, wondering about his "medical availability this season." This if he's not in jail for violating his probation in Las Vegas.

For those of you ready to fire up your complaints machine because of our saturated Jones coverage, just keep in mind, this isn't about Carson Palmer so you've already played that card.