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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone. I hope you all got your week started off on the right foot.

Alright so there isn't much going on in the NFL front regarding a new deal between the players and the owners. So as it stands we remain in a lockout.

I guess lockouts are on the rage right now. Currently the NFL and NBA are both under lockouts. And for me that kind of sucks. I don't want to miss out on any football this season. As for the NBA, I could care less if they have a season. The NBA can be under a lockout for the next decade for all I care.

Another sport that might enter a lockout is baseball. The collective bargaining agreement for baseball is set to expire later this year. Back in 2006 the MLBPA and MLB owners agreed to a five-year contract. And look five years later it's 2011 and their deal is set to end in the near future.

So that would put three professional sports in lockouts leaving hockey, tennis, golf, soccer, and NASCAR as the only sports to follow. And let's be honest hockey is the only worthwhile sport to watch from that group. I mean who honestly wants to watch a bunch of people kick a ball around for 90 minutes only to have it end in a 0-0 tie? And well NASCAR is easy to follow. It's a left turn every time! That's the easiest sport to follow when you're drunk. As for tennis, I don't really enjoy watching two opponents smash a green, fuzzy ball back and forth. At least in hockey there is constant movement and action going on.

So for Pete's sake, can we avoid having three sports being under lockouts? I hope so because I need to have a sport to watch for every month of the year. Otherwise I will go through sports withdrawal and it won't be pretty.

Alright here is a look at what you might have missed or overlooked from Monday.

  • Speculation was running rampant as to whether or not Adam Jones had a second procedure done on his neck. I have a feeling he did considering he was shown in a neck brace the other day.
  • Adam Jones could face a year in fail for violating his 2007 probation. In all honesty, I have a feeling that his days as a Bengal are numbered.
  • Paul Brown Stadium is going to receive an upgraded instant replay system. I'm jumping for joy.....
  • Johnathan Joseph's value may take a dive due to his injury history. Maybe that will scare other teams away from signing him and allow the Bengals to retain him.
  • The Bengals were the best when they were in three-wide formations. Maybe it's a sign that they should run those type of formations more often.
  • Adam Jones denied that he did anything wrong. Which leads into the reasoning as to why he remains a Bengal next season.
  • The Bengals offensive line and running attack are areas that need to be improved once the lockout is lifted.
  • The No. 1 Bengals cast-off was revealed. Imagine what it would have been like to have him on our team instead of one of our rivals. Maybe the Bengals would have accomplished more.
  • Former Bengals running back Deacon Turner was shot and killed in California. From what I've read about this I'm rather skeptical of the whole situation.
  • The league hopes to ratify a new deal during their league meetings on July 21.