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Bengals Score Third Worst Fan Difficulty Index

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There is one unifying aspect with nearly every pair of eyes that reads these pages, the fingers that scroll the mouse and the hands that type comments about how I applied the wrong picture of Adam Jones (and by wrong picture, we actually mean accidentally posting a Jermaine Gresham picture). One aspect unifies us all. We're Bengals fans. A unique brand of Bengals fans, suffering through four-win seasons and -- rather than spending our time complaining to anyone listening about Mike Brown -- for the most part, we move on, examine the team as it is, layout scenarios where they can from here and do some Carson Palmer hatin'. For all of our faults, we are Bengals fans.

And according to Biz Journal, Bengals fans are scientifically cheering for the third-most disappointing team in the NFL. I know what you're thinking. Who the hell ranked worse?

Using a basic formula called the fan difficulty index, the score primarily weighs two variables in a 50-50 split; a team's record over ten seasons and something called landmarks. Landmarks, fifty percent of the equation, includes things like most recent championship, appearance in a title game and most recent appearance in the "quarterfinals" (in our case, the division playoff weekend). That's combined into a score where the highest is the worst. Behind the Detroit Lions (9.617) and the Cleveland Browns (7.216) sits the Bengals at 7.011.

Not that we're complaining about not being last, this surprising information has to be filed under "not all that surprising".