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PFF: Bengals Offensive Line Ranks Fifth Best In The NFL

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The Cincinnati Bengals have the league's top-five offensive line, according to rankings by Pro Football Focus. The rankings were a culmination of three areas, run/screen blocking, pass blocking and penalties. The mean bastards in the football trenches includes Andrew Whitworth, Bobbie Williams, Kyle Cook, Nate Livings, Evan Mathis, Andre Smith, Dennis Roland and Anthony Collins.

If they didn’t employ the league’s only third down right tackle and insist on mixing things up on a regular basis, they could be higher (heck they could be lower, maybe they deserve credit for being so innovative). In any case, you feel they may be more talented than fifth-best, but they haven’t always got the right talent (Anthony Collins and Evan Mathis) on the field.

Best Player: It’s fair to say Andrew Whitworth is now one of the leagues’ best left tackles.

Biggest Concern: Both Dennis Roland and Andre Smith bombed at right tackle and look pretty incapable of protecting any quarterback, let alone a rookie.

This is actually an improvement over 2009, where PFF ranked the Bengals seventh. Hopefully now with a new offensive coordinator, the Bengals will employ the best players on the offensive line and stop with the rotational right tackle thing and put the best left guard in the lineup.