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Adam Jones Should Be Medically Ready For The Start Of The Season

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Cornerback Adam Jones suffered his neck injury in Atlanta during a two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter when the Falcons took a two-touchdown lead that eventually sealed their win, fighting off a 22-point third quarter by the Bengals. Jones reportedly had a procedure done soon after that put him in a neck brace for some time. Yet when he was arrested Sunday night, Jones was back in his brace after it was reported that he was out of it and working out with his teammates. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer got the scoop on the question if he Jones had a second procedure done.

Jones did have a procedure on his neck recently but it was to make sure that the bone graft from last year’s surgery was still healing properly and that Jones does continue to wear the neck brace under doctor’s orders. The procedure found that the neck is continuing to heal properly and that he should be ready for the season barring any setbacks.

So yes, a minor procedure. Reedy also points out that Jones' availability could come as soon as the season starts, provided legal issues don't prohibit him and the league doesn't lay a heavy hand down on Jones for a history that the league would rather forget.