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Deacon Turner's Family Hires Attorney: Children Arraigned On Tuesday

Former Bengals running back Deacon Turner was shot and killed by Kern County Sheriff's deputies last weekend. The story, as we understand it, goes like this. While responding to a complaint at a convenient store that between 10-15 teenagers were propositioning adults to buy them alcohol and cigarettes, deputies detained Turner and two teens (one of them his son) to investigate the situation.

After momentarily complying with police, Turner decided to leave the area. While deputies were trying to stop him, one deputy was repeatedly hit in the back of the head with a bag of two 24-ounce beer cans. Deputy Wesley Kraft pulled his weapon and shot Turner twice, who was pronounced dead two hours later at Kern Medical Center.

Now his children are in trouble.

According to the website, Turner's 25-year old son and 24-year old daughter were arraigned on Tuesday on charges that included "making criminal threats and participation in a criminal street gang." Both pleaded not guilty and were given a preliminary hearing for July 26.

The charges stem from a confrontation at Kern Medical Center after David Turner was pronounced dead early Sunday morning. Hospital CEO Paul Hensler has said that, according to reports from security officers, family members became angry and someone in the group told hospital security there was a gun in the parking lot.

Coroner's officials called law enforcement, and the first deputy to arrive was "rushed" by family members, said Hensler, who was provided the security reports. The deputy drew his weapon but didn't fire, more law enforcement arrived and Ahmod and Whittney Turner were arrested.

According to Turner's nephew, LeDarrius Davis, the family was grieving and that no threats were actually made; though there was plenty of anger against the police. Whittney, Turner's daughter, denies the allegation that she hit a deputy in the face.

Meanwhile, Johnnie Cochran's firm -- the same firm that represented O.J. Simpson -- is taking Turners case, saying that Turner was "killed for no legal reason and the county will have to answer for his death."