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Bengals Early Bird Special

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Good morning everyone! The weekend is almost here. Only two more days being stuck in a cubicle, behind a desk, answering phone call/ridiculous questions all day, or whatever it is you do.Two days. Think positive and hang in there buddy.

Alright so it seems as if every Bengals player that is asked about Carson Palmer has the same general consensus with that being that Palmer is as good as gone. At this point is that an obvious observation? By now it's not a shock or anything. It's more of a "duh."

I think I'm going to state some other things that are obvious.

  1. The Bengals will not win a Super Bowl next season. Or the next. And probably not as long as Mike Brown owns the team.
  2. Chad Ochocinco will wear the number 85 with any team that he plays for. Otherwise if his last name doesn't match his jersey number then he looks absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Andy Dalton has red hair and is the Bengals quarterback of the future.
  4. Chewbacca used way too much Rogaine.
  5. Skyline Chili is better than Goldstar.
  6. Any movie starring Nicolas Cage, Jason Statham, Anna Faris, or Jack Black is going to suck. Let's face it Cage hasn't had many movies that are that worthwhile.
  7. Cap'n Crunch's eyebrow are located on his hat instead of his head.
  8. NASCAR is the easiest sport to follow when one is completely "hammered."
  9. Domata Peko and Rey Maualuga have A LOT of hair.
  10. Mike Brown is a solid businessman, but an AWFUL owner of the Bengals.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.

  • Quan Cosby is 100 percent sure that Carson Palmer will not return to Cincinnati next season. Isn't Cosby stating the obvious with that one? His statement would be like me saying the Cubs won't win the World Series this year. Or that Peyton Manning will never play for the Bengals. We already know that!
  • Cedrice Benson is one of the least elusive running backs in the NFL. I wonder if that quality of his will hurt him when free agency opens up?
  • An analysis of Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason regarding their careers against the Bengals. Two points to Cincinnati. Flacco and Mason have been shutdown by the Bengals. At least we can stop someone!
  • Adam Jones should be medically ready when the season starts. Question, where is he going to be playing next season? Also Jones has his next court hearing scheduled for July 18. 
  • According to Pro Football Focus, the Bengals offensive line ranks as the fifth best in the NFL. I think I might need to get my eyes checked. That's hard to believe.
  • Hamilton County has declined a vote to upgrade the replay system at Paul Brown Stadium. Well that's unfortunate.
  • The Bengals responded to the Wall Street Journal story that called the Bengals "sweet" stadium deal as "one of the worst professional sports deals."
  • In the Forbes Magazine's top-50 most valuable sports franchises had all 32 NFL teams make the list. Find out where the Bengals landed on the list.
  • Deacon Turner's family have hired an attorny. His children are set to be arraigned on Tuesday.
  • According to ESPN's John Clayton, Cedric Benson is the most important free agent to be re-signed in all of football. Really? I'm not buying it.