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Deadline For Bengals to Hold Training Camp at Georgetown College is Extended

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The NFL lockout has obviously affected more than just the NFL owners, players and teams. Cities have suffered and will continue to suffer if teams that bring money in will not be playing in preseason and regular season games. Fans will also obviously suffer because there's a chance that they may have to wait until 2012 to watch their favorite sport played at the professional level. While that's unlikely to happen, the chance that it could happen is scary and frustrating enough to keep people on edge.

Small Georgetown College, about an hour and a half drive south of Cincinnati on I-75, could suffer very soon. The college originally gave the Bengals a July 15 (tomorrow) deadline for the NFL owners and players to come to an agreement for camp to be held at their college. Georgetown has extended that deadline, though, in hopes that they can still host the Bengals training camp.

They may be hoping for a miracle.

That miracle is that the NFL owners and players come to an agreement before next week, which is the new deadline for a deal to be made. The reason that Georgetown extended the date is that hosting the Bengals training camp brings in money to the school through the team's contract with the college, parking at $15 a car, concessions and the fact that it attracts people who may have never even heard of the college before.

School leaders remain optimistic, hoping the players and owners can work out a deal. Georgetown College Dean of Affairs Dr. Todd Gambill says the school and the team both want camp to happen. The Bengals simply hope to get the season started. For Georgetown College, and NFL training camp on campus provides huge exposure for a small school people outside the Bluegrass State may not even know exists.

If a deal is reached before next week and the Bengals are able to hold their camp at Georgetown College they will report to camp on July 28 and stay for three weeks before the preseason begins.