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Carson Palmer On Carson Palmer Situation: No Comment

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At the risk of angering our readers with another Carson Palmer update (readers SMASH!), Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer provided a quick update on the team's former franchise quarterback, hitting golf balls at Edgewood Tahoe. Actually the word that Reedy used was "staked out", wondering if our fearless Enquirer beat writer wasn't sporting a fake mustache, air force shades while humming the Mission Impossible theme to himself. Of course we're joking. But Palmer isn't laughing, remaining silent on the issue he made a bed for himself with.

The Bengals quarterback, who has sold his Indian Hill home and has said through intermediaries that he will retire if not traded, had no comment about his situation when spotted on the driving range at Edgewood Tahoe, where he is participating in this weekend’s American Century Championship. Palmer said he is “laying low” while the lockout is going on and since no player movement can take place.

Does it really matter what Palmer says or thinks at this point? No. Not really. Though we have to admit we really want this story to end, and chronicle the ending of another story in a collection of stories about disastrous ends with franchise quarterbacks.

One positive in all of this? Of Palmer's swings at the driving range, only two were intercepted.