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Cincinnati Bengals Among Small Market Teams Getting Temporary Break in New CBA

Hey, who declared this make-me-work-night? Rackenfrackin' NFL. Anyhow: small-market teams like the Cincinnati Bengals will not be required to spend as much money as bigger-market teams under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), according to ESPN.

The NFL and its players agreed on Thursday night to a $120 million cap with players agreeing to a team minimum cash payroll of 89 percent of the cap as long as the league-wide cash guarantee is 99 percent of the cap, sources said. For example, the Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills or Jacksonville Jaguars would be required to have a minimum cash payroll of $106.8 million in 2011. If they fail to reach that level by the end of the season, they would distribute the difference to the players on team at the end of the season.

This "89-99" formula only applies to the first two years of the agreement. In the third year, the 89% figure jumps to 95% of the cap.

Under this formula, if the Bengals cut or trade Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer retires, the Bengals would have to spend $46.8 million to get to the 89% level.