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The Five People You Meet in Every Office: Bengals Edition -- Part Two

We've already compared Andy Dalton to the Intern, Andre Smith to the guy who never gets fired even though he never does anything and Carson Palmer to the "eff this job" guy.

Here's the last two on the list.

The I Won't Work Through My Break Guy:

Sometimes when there's a heavy workload and the files are stacking up on your desk and your boss is breathing down your neck for those damn TPS reports, you don't have time to go to lunch. After all, I would rather go hungry for one day than work on the weekend. However, there's always that one guy who refuses to work through his lunch even though nobody asked him to. He'll stand up on his desk explaining that current labor laws entitle a full-time employee to a half-hour lunch every day just so he doesn't feel bad for leaving his department high and dry during crunch time. 

And just so you know, this is the same person as out the door when the clock strikes five guy.

The I won't Work Through My Break Guy is.......

Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. While I understand that being a professional football player means that you sacrifice your time and body endlessly to be in as good of shape as you can possibly be, Ochocinco seems to spend less and less time on the practice field. During game day and the involuntary work outs, he's there, but during a lot of the voluntary work outs, like when the team got together without their coaches earlier in the lockout, he's nowhere to be found. I know he's busy with his TV shows and his Twittering, and I know he's a veteran, but I would still like to see Chad work through some lunches every now and again, just so I know he still actually enjoys football.

The Boss That You Could Out-Boss Any Day Guy:

Everybody has had that boss who literally couldn't lead his way out of a room with one open door. He constantly makes bad decisions, often times causing you to do a ton of unnecessary work, and he never seems to do things the easy way. Unfortunately he's your boss, and even though you know for a fact that he couldn't find his ass with two hands and a flashlight, he's in charge. The worst part is, you know you could do so much better.

The Boss That You Could Out-Boss Any day Guy is.....

Do I really need to tell you? Bengals owner Mike Brown. There have been hundreds, literally hundreds of decisions made by Bengals owner Mike Brown that make very little sense. Signing Antonio Bryant to a large contract when the team knew he had knee problems was just the tip of a very large and very stupid iceberg. Poor draft choices, allowing talented free agents to walk away, and selecting the wrong free agents have set the Bengals back years. Every Bengals fan believes with all of their hearts that they could do a better job. I'm sure many of them could.