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Cedric Benson Arrested For Assault Causing Bodily Injury To A Family Member

Bengals running back Cedric Benson has been arrested and charged with "assault, causing bodily injury to a family member" Sunday morning. A Class-A misdemeanor. The Class-A misdemeanor was first reported by Ricky Doyle of Your News Now. The incident occurred early Sunday morning and Benson was booked at 6:42 a.m. (local time) in Travis County, Texas. This is Benson's fourth arrest. The running back recently had another trial postponed until August from a memorial day weekend assault at a Texas nightclub in 2010.

Benson is a free agent this year when the new league year begins and it brings to mind two scenarios. The Bengals will forego a contract and let Benson leave or the Bengals will greatly benefit because of the likely reduced interest around the league, especially now with two pending assault charges, reducing the overall demand for the running back, allowing the Bengals to sign him for cheap. Don't discount the theory. We know how this team thinks.

Yet even if the Bengals sign Benson, they'll have to be aware that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could drop the hammer on the running back with at least a four-game suspension. While the incident in Austin, Texas last year is largely believed to be in self-defense, the an alleged assault on a family member could have far-ranging consequences. That alone could force the Bengals to look someplace else for a starting running back, with names like DeAngelo Williams, Ronnie Brown and Darren Sproles possibly available.

This has been a bad week for the Bengals. Adam Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest last weekend. Safety Marvin White was arrested on Thursday and now Benson adds a second assault charge to his resume.