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Adam Jones Set To Appear In Court Monday Afternoon

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was the first of our little trifecta of Bengals players causing enough trouble to get their and wrists shackled. Last weekend Jones was arrested at a local Cincinnati bar and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Jones disputed the arrest, while his agent Peter Schaffer gave a little context to the trouble that Sunday morning:

Jones' agent, Peter Schaffer, tells reporters that Jones was at the bar celebrating his wife's birthday with neighbors when another woman threw a punch at Jones' wife. Schaffer adds that Jones walked up to officers at the bar and said he wanted to file charges against the woman.

Hate to say it, but that appears responsible to me. Other witnesses claim that Jones became upset because the other woman "walked away" and police "became more concerned about the situation." We should note mostly all of this as allegation and Jones' actions were the result of what happened afterwards, not during the confrontation between his wife and the other woman. But our wives gets punched and the "other woman" walks away (sounds like a 70s song), you better believe most of us wouldn't react as a passive bunch.

Jones is set to appear in front of a Hamilton County judge Monday afternoon for arraignment on those charges. Jones' appearance follows a weekend of two other Bengals finding themselves in the news with their own issues against the law. Most prominently is free agent running back Cedric Benson.