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Benson Arrested For Altercation With Former Roommate Asked To Leave

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When the words Bengals player and cops show up in the same sentence, there's a little more attention than usual. Mostly everyone tries to promote a history towards an inadequate moral compass by NFL teams doing whatever it takes to win football games. And that includes signing high-risk players. In the end it's not the teams or the league's fault. These players are their own people, their own men making their own god-loving free choices. What they do with that is completely up to them; NFL teams have about as much rule of their lives as your employer has with you.

On Sunday afternoon reports began surfacing that Bengals running back Cedric Benson was originally arrested for assault, causing bodily injury to a family member. Benson was the third Bengals player arrested in the span of a week.

Benson's attorney, Sam Bassett, released a statement about the incident that left Benson in a Travis County jail due to an assault charge with a family member:

"The two had difficulties resulting from Mr. Benson asking the former male roommate to leave his home a few days prior to this incident. The conflict became physical early this morning and we intend to fully investigate. There is not enough information available at this time for further comment."

So roommates, who could have been a family member, get into it. Benson asks former roommate to leave his house, guy doesn't and Benson gets into a physical altercation as a result. That's the interpretation we have.

Regardless. You can't deny it. Benson takes a great mugshot.