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Bengals Prefer Leon Hall Over Johnathan Joseph: Unlikely To Bid On Joseph If Demand Reaches $8 Million

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When the 72-hour window opens that allows team to re-sign their own free agents, the Bengals are largely expected to work at bringing back their coveted cornerback. Bringing Johnathan Joseph is a brilliant idea, you're saying. That would be great if it were true. It's just that Joseph might not be the cornerback that the Bengals covet. According to Len Pasqurelli, the Bengals aren't going to spend the "$8-$10 million per year" contract that Joseph would likely "command somewhere else."

In fact, according to Pasqurelli, the Bengals actually prefer Hall over Joseph.

And the Bengals might be right. Besides the durability factor that Hall has played 12 more games and nearly 1,000 more defensive snaps in the past three seasons, Hall has posted a better opposing quarterback rating, a lower yards receiving allowed per game average more interceptions and a better percentage of receptions made by opposing wide receivers (table after the jump). Before accusations are made about Joseph covering the better receiver, that's not exactly true. When both cornerbacks play, Joseph tends to be the left cornerback with Hall on the right. It's not always, but it wasn't always a case of Joseph or Hall covering the best wide receiver. They often just stuck into zones, covering the wide receiver, no matter whom, jogged to their respective sides.

That being said we figured that Joseph would make north of $8 million a year, and we figured that alone would price the Bengals out of the bid.

From 2008-2010 Joseph Hall
Games 36 48
Snaps 2,125 3,099
Opposing QB Rating 80.4 74.2
Avg. Yards Receiving Per Completed Pass 11.3 12.6
Avg. Yards Receiving Per Game 45.8 41.0
Touchdowns 13 9
Interceptions 10 13
Pct. Of Passes Allowed To Opposing Targets 64.0% 56.1%