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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a decent Monday. If not then sorry to hear that, sort of....

So it would appear as if there are a few loose strings to tie up before the lockout is officially lifted. Some of the most problematic issues include the Brady vs. NFL antitrust lawsuit and the television "lockout insurance" damages case.

In order to get the lockout lifted as soon as possible both sides in the labor dispute are attempting to package both of those cases into one "global settlement."

If both parties cannot roll those cases into one deal then the lockout could potentially last even longer than the 126 days it's already been. This has gone on for far too long. I want to watch some football this Fall once baseball season has officially ended.

I know I'm not alone in this. As a sports fan we have to have a sport to watch for every season of the year. Having a season without sports can be very detrimental to our own well-being. If the lockout isn't lifted and football doesn't have a season then we might actually have to be forced into doing chores around the house, like finally fixing that faucet that's been leaking since Christmas of 2005.

As it stands the lockout is still in place. And that's rather depressing. Both sides need to come to an agreement before I start talking to my football (again) that's named Wilson.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Monday.

  • Adam Jones appeared in court on Monday and entered a plea of not guilty for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
  • The shooting death of former Bengals running back Deacon Turner was ruled as justified.
  • The Bengals prefer Leon Hall over Johnathan Joseph. The Bengals are unlikely to bid on Joseph if his demands reach $8 million. Hopefullly Joseph doesn't demand that kind of money.
  • More details were released about the night of Cedric Benson's arrest. Benson was actually arrested for an altercation with a former roommate when Benson asked him to leave his home. Did the Bengals hint that they are finished with Benson?
  • The Bengals have some reservations about Adam Jones' recovery from his two neck procedures.