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At Least the Bengals are the Best in the NFL at Something

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More Bengals Arrested
More Bengals Arrested

The Bengals most recent string of arrests, three within the last week (Marvin White, Adam Jones and Cedric Benson), places the Bengals on top of the list of teams with the most arrests since 2000 with 35. They are now ranked higher than the Minnesota Vikings, the former leaders, who have 33 arrests, the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos, who are both tied at 30, and the Kansas City Chiefs, who have 26 arrests. Here's a nice database put together of all the NFL player arrests since 2000.

The Bengals had successfully changed their image, at least a little, when renowned trouble makers, like Chris Henry, Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson and Bernard Scott were either signed or drafted by the team, but stayed out of trouble. Cincinnati seemed like a place that could take former trouble making players and be successful while staying out of the news for the wrong reasons. However, this recent string of arrests has likely changed that.

The Bengals will once again likely be known for a joke about their stripes than the way they play on the field, at least until they start to win again, which probably won't be in 2011.

So, once again, bring on the cartoons.