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Peter King: Bengals Quarterback Carson Palmer Will Not End Up In Seattle

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Sports Illustrated's Peter King on Tuesday tweeted that of the teams floating around that could be options for a Carson Palmer trade, the Seattle Seahawks will not be one of them.

RT @DannyJWillis: I will bet you a venti peppermint white mocha frappuccino that Palmer ends up in Seattle ... Not this summer he won't.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Now we're totally adding conjecture on the part where Palmer would even be considered for a trade, with the stubbornly strong-headed Mike Brown budging about as much as Japanese generals budged towards peace negotiations during World War II after the Americans claimed Okinawa.

Seattle was always rumored as a possibility due to the Palmer's Southern California connection with the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. That and it's believed that Palmer favors a team in the western time zone.

Now it's possible that King's reaction is based on Brown's insistence to not trade Palmer. Therefore in reality the only team Palmer ends up playing for will be the lawn he cuts during Sunday afternoons. Then again, do you think someone like Palmer actually cuts his lawn?