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Andrew Whitworth Leaves NFLPA Meeting Discussing New CBA

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The NFL players and NFLPA are meeting Wednesday in Washington DC to discuss the Collective Bargaining Agreement and if all of the sides are happy, a vote could take place to approve it. Yet just before 3pm, Don Banks of Sports Illustrated writes that things are a little more tenuous than widely thought.

NFL source said status of CBA is more "tenuous'' than is widely thought. And it's still too early to know if vote will happen today on sked.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Soon after, ESPN's Chris Mortensen tweets that Bengals representative Andrew Whitworth departed the meeting, along with other player representatives. When asked why he would leave while the meeting was still ongoing, Mortensen responded that Whitworth could have simply arrived to give his vote and moved on while the rest discuss it.

Whitworth has actively encouraged optimism on Tuesday with the ending of this lockout.