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Victim's Attorney Refutes Charges By Cedric Benson's Lawyer Of Extortion

As the National Football League inched closer towards resolutions that would eventually end the owner's lockout, Bengals running back Cedric Benson is still facing issues. Along with not having a team right now, Benson faces two assault charges, one of which could result in disciplinary action from the Commissioner's office.

Benson's lawyer fired the first salvo on Wednesday releasing a statement that claimed that Charles "Miami" Clavens is extorting money from Benson. Charles "Miami" Clavens' attorney, Thomas Crosley, has issued a statement obtained by CincyJungle.

"Earlier this week Clavens Charles was the victim of an unprovoked violent assault by Cedric Benson that resulted in his hospitalization. Today Clavens Charles has been the victim of an equally violent media smear campaign by the attorneys representing Cedric Benson.

"That is wrong.

"No money demand was ever made to Cedric Benson or his legal counsel. Money was never mentioned to us at any time. My client, the victim, was approached first by the Benson camp after he had been released from the hospital. They were the first ones to mention paying for medical bills and working out a settlement.

"They agreed to a meeting. And what we get in response is a "blame the victim" press release from Mr. Benson's attorneys. It is a shameful attempt to make Mr. Benson appear to be a victim here. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"My client is very upset about what Benson's attorneys are saying about him publicly. Benson's attorneys and advisers know my client. Benson and my client were friends for years. Before this turn of events, Benson's attorney told me that my client is a good person who didn't deserve this and that Benson regrets it and wanted to work it out.

"That is what led Benson's representatives to seek a meeting in the first place.

"Right now, it looks like Cedric Benson is getting horrible advice. He reaches out to the victim, says he wants to take are of what he has done and then launches a public assault through his attorneys.

"My client has several thousand dollars of unpaid medical bills. Both sides felt it was important to address these issues promptly.

"Mr. Charles has no desire to make this into something bigger than it is. He is the unfortunate victim of a crime, and has been placed in an impossible situation by the immature, irrational and criminal acts of Cedric Benson.

"The criminal assault investigation needs to run its course.

"We were willing to go through the mediation process and let a neutral third party advise both sides how to best resolve this matter.

"Mr. Benson's attorneys have stopped communicating with me, and appear to prefer to make scurrilous, unfounded accusations against my client to the press.

"The physical assault on my client was unwarranted. This mean-spirited press attack is equally unwarranted."