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Clavens Releases Photos of His Face After Fight With Bengals RB Cedric Benson to TMZ

The more we hear about Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson's most recent arrest for assault against his former roommate Charles "Miami" Clavens, the more the entire situation seems a little suspicious. When Clavens and his attorney demanded a settlement meeting with Benson and his attorney, threatening to go to the press, including answering questions from TMZ, a celebrity gossip site, most sensible people, including Benson, felt that the entire situation sounded like extortion, even though Clavens and his attorney denied that was true.

While Benson and his lawyer claim that Benson asked Clavens to leave his home and was provoked before there was actual violence, Clavens claims that Benson viciously attacked him. The claim sounds a little more than fishy to most people.

However, Clavens has stayed true to his word. Since Benson and his attorney decided not enter into some sort of settlement with his former roommate, Clavens kept his promise and went to TMZ with pictures of his face after the altercation.

Clavens' attorney has denied the extortion claims and insisted that they have not made any requests for money (what about the demand for a settlement meeting and threat to go to the press?). He also said that Clavens has incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills and more bills are to come.

This whole thing sounds a little weird and I'd be willing to bet that not much comes from it. We will keep you updated as news rolls in on Benson's situation.