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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a relatively productive weekend that consisted of inflating your new pool, consuming jello shots or beer, and avoiding this heat wave to the best of your ability. Seriously, this whole heat wave thing is annoying. I mean, I know it's Summer, but this is absolutely ridiculous. 

Alright, now that there is an actual legitamate end to the lockout approaching, the Bengals will actually be able to acquire players! Holy crap! I never thought I would get to type those words this year.

Now onto the Bengals list of needs. Well there's the obvious ones such as: a veteran quaterback, running back, a wide receiver (assuming Ochocinco is released), a cornerback (assuming Johnathan Joseph doesn't re-sign with the Bengals), and a safety.

I hope the Bengals re-sign J.J. I know he has an injury history, but he is one of the better weapons available on the market. As for the running game, I'm to the point of I have no clue as to who should lead the Bengals ground attack. Maybe Tim Hightower? Anyone else approve that possible choice? My second choice is Joseph Addai.

As for the safety situation, I'm not sure who the Bengals should target. I just know that position needs an upgrade. Roy Williams is as good as gone. Chris Crocker is on the decline. Then again maybe Robert Sands will step up and be able to slide into the safety position. One can hope, right?

Now the biggest merry-go-round position of speculation: quarterback. Is Andy Dalton ready to start game one of the regular season? No, not in my opinion. I would rather let him watch and learn then gradually work him into some action as the season progresses. Is Jordan Palmer the answer? Well, if he is then there isn't much hope for this season (I know there is very little hope going into this season as a Bengals fan as it is). Possible solutions? Why not Vince Young or Bruce Gradkowski? Both players are veterans of the league. Gradkowski is familiar with a West Coast offense. And Young needs a change of scenery. So why not come to Cincinnati?

What's the worst that could happen this season, 0-16? That would give us the first pick in next years draft. And it would give us more to criticize the team about, more speculation as to what needs to change, and more "I Hate Mike Brown" posts. Only time will tell what direction the Bengals decide to go in. And for the sake of Bengals Nation, hopefully their plan works. Oh wait, who am I kidding, the Bengals never have a plan.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from the weekend.

  • The question was brought up that if Andy Dalton isn't ready to take the helm at quarterback for the Bengals and guide them through the season, then should Jordan Palmer be given the opportunity to start? Honestly, why not? What's the worse that could happen?
  • A list of running backs that the Bengals could target in free agency. It will be interesting to see what the Bengals do.
  • The Bengals boost the Georgetown economy by $3 million during training camp.
  • According to sources a deal to end the lockout has been reached and a tentative schedule has been announced. Que the music! Let the banner drop and let the craziness begin!
  • According to Geoff Hobson the Bengals would like to re-sign Brandon Johnson and Jonathan Fanene. Hopefully they are able to re-sign both of them.
  • Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer,speculates that Dan Skuta is the early favorite to become the next strong-side linebacker.
  • Our question of the day: What should the Bengals do with Antwan Odom? Let us know what you think.
  • A poll to determine the best Bengals player of all-time to wear the No. 91 is currently being conducted. Cast your votes!!
  • The Bengals defense will have zero room for error during the 2011 season. We all know that there are going to be errors. And probably plenty of them unfortunately.
  • The list of the best Bengals players of all-time to wear No. 81-90 was revealed.
  • The NFL changed the active game day rosters from 45 to 46 players.
  • Rookies are going to have significantly reduced salaries due to the newly promoted rookie wage scale. Where was this when the Bengals drafted Andre Smith? Or Chris Perry?
  • The NFLPA is set to meet with players on Monday (today for those of you who are still recovering from the weekend) to discuss options and a direction for the league.
  • Evan Mathis could have interest in playing for the Arizona Cardinals next season. What a shame that is. Bengals really screwed that one up.
  • Cedric Benson's former roommate, Charles "Miami" Clavens released photos of his face after his fight with Benson to TMZ.
  • The Bengals' 72-hour window to re-sign their own free agents isn't exactly what you think it is. Oh snap.....
  • According to the Associated Press, Nate Webster's sex-related charges with a minor involved the daughter of a former Bengals assistant coach. I have absolutely zero respect for Nate Webster. That is down right filthy and disturbing. Seriously? What the hell was he thinking?
  • Without a general manager the Bengals are undoubtedly going to suffer some blows to the stomach during free agency.
  • The NFL has released a tentative schedule for once the lockout is lifted.
  • Pete Prisco believes Carson Palmer's "power play" is childish and selfish. It's life. It happens. You learn to accept the situation for what it is and move on.
  • The Bengals have sent a letter to season ticket holders after owners approved the new CBA.