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FO: Bengals First Move Should Be To Re-sign Cedric Benson

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There are so many moves that every NFL team will be planning on making when this frantic free agency period kicks off soon. Cincinnati is no different, with the Bengals want to re-sign their own, like Johnathan Joseph, Brandon Johnson, Brian Leonard and Jonathan Fanene, just to name a few. According to Football Outsiders, via ESPN, the Bengals first move should be to re-sign Cedric Benson.

Since joining the Bengals in 2008, Benson has led the club in rushing in each of the past three seasons. Re-signing the 28-year-old likely got a whole lot easier as Benson faces misdemeanor assault charges after allegedly assaulting his roommate in Austin, Texas.

Largely we tend to agree. Even though his performance was disappointing last season, it's hard not to point out that the team's offensive focus with the running game ran secondary behind the even-more disappointing passing offense. Benson's legal issues will likely force the Bengals to sign another bellcow-type running back to spell Benson if he's disciplined by the league office and forced to miss time.

At the same time, signing Benson, in our opinion, should be secondary behind every effort to bring cornerback Joseph back before he's allowed to reach the free agent market.