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Daugherty Nails Commentary Out Of Paul Brown Stadium

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Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer nailed his recent commentary onto the walls of Paul Brown Stadium, banging on the non-High Definition front gates to say, read this. Read what your fans, your community thinks you could do to make changes in the game of perception. This was in response to Joe Reedy's 122 reader suggestions on what the Bengals could change, which in itself is in response to ESPN The Magazine's ranking the Bengals No. 122 -- or as we headlined, the worst franchise in professional sports.

The Bengals will never win consistently. The Family isn’t interested in that. The money spends the same, 5-11 or 11-5. What they can do is please you – or at least keep you giving them your money, even as you grumble about the lack of a personnel department – by making the so-called “experience’’ more fun than acid in your retinas.

The Reds understand this. Since Bob Castellini assumed ownership five-plus years ago, the Reds have emerged clearly as the local club that cares about its fans and its community. Players pay for and dedicate ballfields, show up at Redsfest, beat the bushes on the winter caravan. The Reds Community Fund is the most successful PR machine in town.

The Reds can’t do enough to attract customers to Great American Ball Park. Reduced-price beer, singles nights, fireworks, concerts, bobbleheads, on and on. The Reds work very hard at ensuring your good time. The Bengals open their doors.