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Five Decisions To Look For This Week By The Bengals

With free agency closing with an agreed timeline early (really early) Monday morning, it opens the possibly that the league could be open for business soon. That in mind, here are five things we expect to happen this week.

Sign Their Own Free Agents: The Bengals have indicated in the past that Johnathan Joseph would be one of team's highest priorities when free agency kicks off. Combining him with Leon Hall only helps a team that will figure to struggle as the offensive pieces are given time to develop. That also includes running backs Cedric Benson and Brian Leonard, linebacker Brandon Johnson and defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene.

Releasing Chad Ochocinco: There are unconfirmed, and unsubstantiated, reports circulating that the Bengals will release Chad Ochocinco. It's also been a foregone conclusion that the Bengals will release him because of his $6 million price tag that would also free up cap space to help re-sign their free agents.

Signing A Veteran Quarterback: With rookie Andy Dalton favored to take the first team snaps when Training Camp starts, the Bengals may want to pair him with a veteran backup. This veteran quarterback can help Dalton groom, give him another set of eyes on the sidelines on what happened on the previous possession.

Signing A Cheap Running Back: If Cedric Benson returns to the Bengals, he still has one assault charge to answer for that could result in a suspension by the league for violating the Personal Conduct Policy. As an insurance policy, the Bengals may sign a cheap running back, even amongst undrafted free agents, that could add about 10-15 carries while Bernard Scott sees an increased role if Benson is out (but not increased enough to make him a feature back... and if you have to ask why we'd suggest that the Bengals are hesitant to make Scott a fulltime feature back, then you're just not paying attention).

Signing Rookies And Undrafted Free Agents: Thanks to the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Bengals should no longer experience holdout issues with their first round picks. It's even possible all eight rookies could be signed and in training camp by the time the team reports for training camp on Thursday afternoon. Cincinnati will also sign undrafted free agents and we largely expect the team to sign players that will bolster the safety position, the offensive line, linebacker and possibly at running back (see above).