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PFF: Leon Hall Grades As A Top-Ten Cornerback Over The Past Three Seasons

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According to Pro Football Focus and their detailed grading system that judges and grades every play of every game, Bengals cornerback Leon Hall ranked as the eighth-best cornerback during a three-year period from 2008-2010 with a score of 22.38. On Hall:

Being nicked up and the Bengals struggling to generate pressure made life a lot harder for Leon Hall in 2010. A shame because a year before he was so good he ended up ranking just behind Revis and Woodson. With his talent, it would be interesting to see Hall matched up against a team’s top receiver, and with Johnathan Joseph potentially moving on, maybe the Bengals will employ more of that.

Free agent cornerback Johnathan Joseph wasn't listed -- ironically due to injuries, Joseph came five snaps short of the qualifying 2,130 snaps needs to make the ranking. Yet even with those five snaps, Joseph's grade of 19.5 would have fallen short of Brandon Flowers, who ranked tenth with a grade of 21.38. Joseph and Hall's combined grade of 41.88 over the past three seasons still falls significantly short of Darrelle Revis' score of 57.05. I guess he's pretty good.

Hall is entering the final year under contract and could be a candidate for an extension as early as this week.