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Clayton: Bengals Are Leading Suitors For Johnathan Joseph

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We should point out that we're fairly certain this is idle speculation based on needs from teams -- not actual insider information. Though we can't say for certain either way. ESPN's NFL Insider John Clayton speculates on the league's top free agents, who is the leading suitor to sign them and a dark horse we might not expect. Unfortunately for Bengals fans, there isn't a dark horse that applies to Cincinnati -- not that we've ever had issues with signing free agents. I mean we did sign Antwan Odom, right? There is, however, according to Clayton, a player that the Bengals could play the leading suitor for. And you might know who this player is.

Johnathan Joseph, CB, Cincinnati Bengals: With more than $50 million to spend in free agency and re-signings, the Bengals can't afford to let Joseph slip away. Joseph and Leon Hall form one of the league's best cornerback combos. But the teams that don't get Asomugha might come quickly after Joseph, who is an excellent man-to-man coverage corner.

Leading suitor: Cincinnati. Dark horse: San Francisco.

We should know soon enough if the Bengals have a shot; that is if the media can finalize the fluidity in which the proposed updated schedule is heading.