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Players Unanimously Ratified Proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement

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According to PFT, the decertified NFL Player's Association unanimously ratified the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement on Monday, basically marking this day as the day that the 2011 NFL Lockout finally comes to an end. Granted, per Mike Florio, 50% of the players have to still agree to it, but no one is expecting any sudden surprises of that nature.

As for the Bengals, Geoff Hobson writes that training camp could still be pushed back by a day.

Indications are the Bengals may have to push back their report date by just one day, heading to the Georgetown, Ky., campus Friday and practicing Saturday. Whether that holds up remains to be seen, but all signs point to the Bengals on site by the weekend.

Bengals player representative Andrew Whitworth called the deal fair.

“It’s going to keep it fair and competitive for everyone,” Whitworth said. “The new offseason and training camp rules are good too because it is going to help guys out and allow them to play longer.”

Thank god this is over. There's no one more excited about this than we; the writers at CincyJungle who spent countless hours coming up with topics, analysis during an offseason in which nothing, and we mean nothing, happened. Now we can just talk about the Bengals and football.