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Another Says That Johnathan Joseph Could Return To The Bengals

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Lance Zierlein, morning sport talk host in Houston and blogger for The Sideline View, writes that, through his sources, Johnathan Joseph is the Detroit Lions primary target for free agency. Yet, he tweets that those same sources also believe that Joseph will stick around in Cincinnati, mostly because of the Bengals need to spend mad amounts of money this offseason to climb north of the spending floor.

Earlier on Monday, Clayton wrote that the Cincinnati Bengals are Joseph's leading suitors, using the same logic during an article listing the best available free agents. And throughout the offseason, we've continuously heard that the top free agent priority for the Bengals remains Johnathan Joseph, supported by Geoff Hobson's tone of certainty.

No matter the time frame, the top priority is re-signing cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Let's add some caution. These are just wild things being tweeted, written often based with conjecture and subjective analysis. This is the frenzy of free agency eve, where people hear from sources that mostly never pans out.