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Clayton: Bengals Are Targeting Quarterbacks Bruce Gradkowski And Jim Sorgi

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[Editor's Note: Anthony is one of newest hires to the CincyJungle family. If not for the crazy kickoff to Monday's news and transactions, a more formal announcement would have come first; which is still coming. So be nice.]

We've all heard rumblings about the Bengals going after a veteran Quarterback in free agency and a few names have been thrown around. Now that football is back, it's time to get serious and sign players. People are starting to weigh in on the issue and are no longer guessing - they're expecting. ESPN Insider, John Clayton, stopped in on "The Mason and Ireland Show" on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles this afternoon and spoke candidly about where he thinks the Bengals will be looking in free agency Tuesday:

"I expect the Bengals to come to some sort of agreement, verbal or otherwise, with either Jim Sorgi or Bruce Gradkowski. They've targeted these two veterans and even though they can't officially sign them until later in the week, I think they'll make an initial agreement for one of them to sign when they can."

Don't know if we can take this as scripture per se, but it makes sense - especially Gradkowski. It was Gradkowski that started games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Jon Gruden was the Head Coach with brother Jay as an offensive assistant. It makes even more sense with Gradkowski, as he's had more starting experience at the position over Sorgi.

Coaches have been praising how they've felt rookie Andy Dalton was the only rookie who could come in and win games as a starting NFL quarterback right away. So this simply could be an effort to get a veteran in camp to mentor Dalton and have some experience behind him in case of injury and/or ineffectiveness. I guess we'll have to wait for those answers if/when one of these veterans are signed.